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Nov 2017

Ep. 20: From The Booth To The Race Course with Pat Mendonca

November 4, 2017

Being a radio DJ isn’t exactly the healthiest, most active job. You spend hours a day on air in a booth, and then more time sitting at a desk editing audio and writing scripts. Combine that with restaurants donating food constantly for reviews and the ease and convenience of fast food while working long hours, and you can see how someone like this episode's guest can end up living a sedentary lifestyle and struggling with obesity. Pat Mendonca is a radio DJ and just a few years ago weighed 266lbs. After making small changes which turned into bigger changes in both his diet and his exercise, Pat has lost 80lbs and has run in several half marathons, 10 milers, and 5Ks. After getting his own health under control, this November Pat is paying it forward by highlighting men’s health issues on his radio show and his podcast (The Interesting People Podcast). Pat's energy, positivity, and sense of humor shine in this encouraging and informative interview.